May 20,2011

Taylor Had Competition And His Name is Tyler Posey

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Tyler Posey, MTV’s “Teen Wolf” states that he was in the running to be our Jacob…WHAT?!?!?!…That’s right and it seems that him and Taylor had some competition thing going on….

“The one interesting thing I know about Posey is that he was, at one point, close to landing the role of Jacob, the werewolf in the “Twilight” movies. He confirms this, then adds that he was only 16 when it happened, that he was more into hanging out with his friends than acting back then, that he’s not bitter about how it all went down. But when he actually explains how it all went down, another story comes out.

Posey is from Valencia, Calif.; for a long time, he thought he was the only actor in town. Then this kid, Taylor Lautner, moved to Valencia. Another actor. (“His name’s Taylor, my name’s Tyler,” Posey says.) Lautner started dating a girl in Posey’s neighborhood, a girl Posey was into. They started running into each other at auditions. And then one day, after Posey was told the “Twilight” job was his to lose, and then lost it, he ran into Lautner again, and Lautner told him he was just back from Oregon. Where he’d been shooting “Twilight.”

Come on, I say. It sounds as if he’s your nemesis. You have to hate that guy a little bit.

“Just a little bit,” Posey admits. “Yeah, of course.”

I say, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? This is your revenge. You’re doing this show to make people forget Taylor Lautner ever existed.

“I’m the new werewolf in town, man,” Posey says. “Watch out.”

Read full interview: HERE


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