Mar 27,2009

Peter Facinelli blogs about his visit to Fort Lewis

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My Fort Lewis Experience
I’d like to say thank you for all of the lovely blogs from Ft. Lewis families and the miltary families across the world. You are the real heroes. What you do, putting your lives at risk, for our safety, makes my job look silly. I would have stayed another 16 hrs to make sure everyone got their DVD signed. It was my small feeble attempt to try to give back for all that you do. I had the honor of meeting General Jacoby while on the base. I was in awe of his presence. I know he will do great things for our Country. I asked him to get our soldiers back safe. He said, “I will. Its my job”. I was inspired by him and all of the families I met that day. And for that I thank you.

God Bless. Be Safe. I pray we end this war, quickly, successfully, and free of any more casualties.

Peter Facinelli

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