Nov 06,2008

Vanity Fair BTS video and outtakes

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Vanity Fair’s website was updated with the article from the magazine, two outakes from the shoot and a BTS video :)

The Twilight Zone
For all Buffy’s efforts, vampires have been sinking their teeth ever deeper into Generation W’s pop culture. To a spate of hugely profitable books and HBO’s True Blood, add this month’s Twilight, a movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster saga, which has sold millions of copies in the U.S. alone. As starlet Kristen Stewart plays the mortal innocent to Robert Pattinson’s undead rebel, the author explores the buried messages of this bloodsucking invasion.

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Video Captures:

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*** I spent the whole morning trying to capture this video with sound, but no lucky :cool:
So this one is without sound, but you can go at Vanity Fair’s page to see the video with audio. There aren’t much, mostly is just music… but there is two lines that is worthwhile.

Nov 06,2008

Robert on Twilight MySpace

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Twilight MySpace has now Robert Pattinson in a little introduction before the final trailer. Check it out here!

[021x] Robert Pattinson on Twilight MySpace – Captures

Nov 06,2008

Watch Heros Monday 11/10

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Check it out the Twilight Movie Site, it’s a little different now, better in my opinion, and the site also tell us to watch Heroes next monday (11/10) to see an exclusive clip of Twilight. So stay tuned and don’t miss that. :eek:

Nov 06,2008

Stephenie Meyer Talks ‘Twilight’

Posted by with 1 Comment has an interview with Stephenie Meyer, where she talks about Rob Pattinson, Breaking Dawn ,  Edward and Bella’s big kiss and her future projects.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First and foremost, what was it like seeing your story on the big screen?
STEPHENIE MEYER: I was terrified for days in advance before I saw Twilight for the first time. I was so worried that it was going to be horrible and break my heart. I’d seen things that were really good, but for all the time I’d spent on the set, I’d probably seen 10 minutes of the movie altogether. So I asked if it was okay if some of my friends watch with me because I have these great friends who are really positive and they love everything! I was really worried about it but we got in there and they put it on and I had my paper and my pen because it was a rough cut and I wanted to give feedback on things I felt needed to be changed. And I didn’t write a single thing down because I was so involved. The characters were speaking the way they should and the heart was there. I could have watched it all night in a loop if I could have.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Nov 05,2008

Interview with Robert

Posted by with No Comments made an interview with Robert, before he hitting-up TRL. They also have two new pictures :)

Click to EnlargeWere you familiar with the Twilight books before trying out for the part of Edward Cullen?
No, not at all. I mean I was living in England at the time, I don’t know if it was big there. I am not really into reading young adult books that much [Laughs].

So you had no idea this project was going to have a huge following?
No idea. And it gets bigger and bigger every week. Like for instance, what just happened in Times Square. I just don’t understand why it’s happening [laughs] that would have never happened like even four months ago I don’t think. It’s crazy!

I know you got a lot of backlash coming from the Harry Potter series to now being Edward Cullen. Why do you think you were capable to take on the role?
I didn’t know if I was capable, I still don’t know. I guess time will tell. I liked the story, I liked Kristen and Catherine Hardwicke [director] and just thought, ‘why not?’ I didn’t actually know there would be backlash actually, but backlash is quite funny.

Click to EnlargeSo this is a whole different phenomenon from Harry Potter in that there is sexual tension in Twilight. How does it feel to have millions of grown women in love with you?
Well [laughs], it’s weird because they are in love with the character. So, it’s like they don’t even want to hear you talk or anything. It’s more like ‘Just stay there so I can imagine you being Edward Cullen”’so that’s weird. But I always thought there was a lot of sexual tension in Harry Potter actually [laughs]. It was just a little more veiled.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Nov 05,2008

‘Twilight’ Countdown: Robert Pattinson answers your questions

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15 days left and the LA Times – “Twilight” Countdown brings the first part of their Robert Pattinson fan special.

You guys wanted to know what he put in his hair — I asked him. You guys wanted to know about filming the love scenes with Kristen — he revealed that Kristen’s got one heck of a dark side!

Of course, I did not get to all of the questions. There were hundreds. But if you don’t see it answered here, know that there’s still Part 2 coming, and I’ll have a chance to ask a few more at the press junket this Saturday, so do stay tuned!

As you can see, he had a serious case of the giggles Tuesday morning:

What goes through your mind when you’re greeted by crowds of screaming fans?

It’s kind of like being in some medieval battle (laughs). I mean I guess that’s the closest analogy, especially after yesterday. A ton of people ran down the street outside the Apple store. I felt like I was literally being charged by Celts (laughs).

Read full interview here.

Nov 05,2008

Meet the Cast of Twilight – Teen Vogue

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Teen Vogue has a video online on yotube, for us to meet the cast of Twilight.


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Nov 05,2008

‘USA Weekend’ Alters Logo for ‘Twilight’ Movie Cover

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Yay for Twilight!!

USA Weekend, the weekly companion to USA Today, has announced that its Nov. 16 issue will feature a special cover for the premiere of the much-anticipated “Twilight” movie. The cover will represent only the second time in a decade that USA Weekend has changed its blue-and-white logo.

The cover story introduces “Twilight,” this fall’s latest Hollywood book-to-film production — a project based on the vampire novel series by 29-year-old Mormon stay-at-home mom Stephenie Meyer. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the film has been dubbed “the ‘Harry Potter’ of vampire movies” and opens Nov. 21.

Read full article.

Nov 05,2008

Twilight on VANITY FAIR – Scans

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Thanks to Stacy and spunk_ransom_rp, we’ve added in our gallery 03 beautiful and amazing scans from the magazine Vanity Fair with the Twilight Cast.

[003x] Vanity Fair – Scans

Thanks to joanna08 at lion_lamb for the tip. :eek:

**If someone have these scans in HQ, please send to us, full credits will be given!

Nov 05,2008

‘Twilight’ Countdown: Catherine Hardwicke Interview

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16 days left and the LA Times – “Twilight” Countdown has an amazing interview with the director Catherine Hardwicke, she talks about the meadow and making Robert Pattinson ‘dazzle’.

Can you talk about how you got Edward to dazzle in that meadow?

That again was super challenging. We had probably 10 special effects companies trying out experimental ideas on some footage we had to see how we can make him dazzle and sparkle and shimmer. Most of it wasn’t good. We ended up going with ILM (Industrial Light and Magic, George Lucas’ company) and they, of course, are masters at creating amazing effects. We did a full body scan of Rob, which we turned into a 3-D model of him — (laughs) there is a 3D model of Rob somewhere! — and did all this very high-tech mapping of every surface of his face and body.

Besides reviewing zillions of versions of it, I wound up flying to ILM with the visual effects supervisor three different times and spending whole days working with the three-dimensional models and the geometry and the physics going, “How can we get this to be beautiful?”

Read the full interview