Oct 13,2009

New Volturi Interviews

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Movie Mazzupial has an interview with some members of the Volturi. They interviewed Charlie Bewley, Cameron Bright and Christopher Heyerdahl while in Brisbane on a Twilight Tour.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

MM: Right, well on that note then; how do you think audiences are going to react to the New Moon film?
Charlie: I think it differs from Twilight for a few different reasons. But I think the main reason is this film you can take your whole family to watch and everyone is going to take something out of it. Whereas the first film was a bit of an emotional play between three characters, this one has a lot of action. Chris Weitz is an excellent CGI expert and is obviously very good at directing high-action movies like in the past. This one is, like I said, you can take anyone to this one, it’s got something for everyone. The stakes are up, which is different from the first one as well so it’s going to be an exciting film.

Cameron: Yeah, for this one another part of it that’s really good for people is the last one was really about those three main people, Bella, Edward and Jacob. And now you’re getting so much more. You’re getting the wolf pack introduced, us, the Volturi, introduced and there’s just a lot more elements to it to make it a deeper story.

You can read the entire interview here.

Source: Twilight LexiconTwilight Guide

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