Jun 21,2011

Michael Sheen Keeps A Low Profile

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The star of Frost/Nixon, The Queen and last winter’s TRON: Legacy laughs at the idea that some American audiences might think he’s related to Charlie Sheen, that famous purveyor of “winning” and tiger blood.

“Well, I met Martin Sheen (Charlie’s dad) a few times, and he’s the most wonderful man,” Michael Sheen says. “I have such admiration for him. I’m not at all upset about being associated with the family at all.”

The thing is, though, Michael Sheen, 42, is much more concerned with being a good actor than being a tabloid-ready celebrity. He stars in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris (in theaters now) as an American tourist in France, and he plays the father of a university school-shooter alongside Maria Bello in the emotional drama Beautiful Boy.

Midnight in Paris gave him a chance to revisit the famous city he’s been to many times, but offered him a different way of working: When he was filming the movie, Allen never gave him the whole script, keeping things mysterious to his cast, including Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.

“You show up and you do your bits and you don’t really know what’s been going on with the other characters, don’t know the whole story of the piece, and you work out little bits and pieces from it,” Sheen says.

“There was actually something quite liberating about it. You can’t really do any preparation,” he adds, laughing.

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