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Mar 28,2012

‘Cosmopolis’ in Best Movie Magazine – Quotes from Rob and Cronenberg

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Translation with google translate:

“I’m afraid,” confesses Robert Pattinson.

“Fear for an actor is always a good thing. He’s also a fantastic, stunning, a great performer” responds indirectly David Cronenberg. “The script was crazy and difficult,” the actor continues. “When I heard that the person was him, I had an intuition. I know that Robert is a grand leap” echoes the director.

Distance dialogue between the student and teacher, working for months on the set of their first project together, for the big screen adaptation of Cosmopolis, the surreal novel by Don DeLillo.

“In the year 2000, one day in April” Thus begins the odyssey, a long 24 hours, Eric Parker, 28 year-old multimillionaire who left home with his white limousine to go to the barber, remains locked in the traffic of Manhattan and is involved in a series of events that jeopardize his safety and his heritage … It would be impossible to describe in a few lines the surreal journey the protagonist takes in a Manhattan without frontiers, a sort of virtual town where the limo floats like a social network and chat with other “traces” of humanity. Between tasers, pie in the face, the threat of someone wanting to kill him (both as a person and as a symbol of humanity no longer in the horizon) and the presence of his mysterious life companion, ethereal woman, guardian angel and his wife constantly betrayed.

After Crash, Cronenberg continues his exploration of the imaginary modern metropolitan, hallucinated and perverse, using a cast which also includes Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Mathieu Amalric

WHY YOU SHOULDN’T MISS IT: To observe the modern world through Cronenberg’s look. And it could be Pattinson’s professional ‘redemption’.

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Dec 02,2011

New Interview of Kristen, Rob and Taylor with Patrick Stoner

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Nov 25,2011

Kristen Talks about Breaking Dawn, Mario Testino and SWATH with Cinescape

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Check out below a new interview of Kristen with Cinescape where she talks about her upcoming movie “Snow White and the Huntsman“, working with Mario Testino for her cover on Vogue and Breaking Dawn


Nov 11,2011

MTV Rough Cut: Kristen Stewart

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Oct 13,2011

Kristen Stewart Talks Transforming For ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′

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You know this character so well, what’s it like to take her through this huge change when she becomes a vampire herself?

It felt good. It was really weird. It was such a long process of the two movies being shot at the same time as if they’re one. You shoot, obviously, out of order and you keep going back and forth between pregnant, human and dead vampire Bella. There’s so many different versions of Bella in this, it’s insane. It was a strange experience walking on set the first time I played a scene as a vampire because I’d watched everyone around me doing it all the time. I sound so lame, but vampire Bella really is my favorite character—she’s very representative of a matriarch. She’s very intuitive on almost a psychic level and no one ever acknowledges it, which is interesting. Maybe that says something about Stephenie that she doesn’t get respect for all of her f–king amazing qualities. And that’s also one of the things that makes her appealing to me, so that’s not a strike at it—that’s something that I like about it. And I think it’s nice to see her finally get what she wants. That’s probably the best thing, even if it sounds simple and indulgent, which is why the f–king thing is criticized all the time. It’s nice to see people be happy. And she really—if I’ve played it right—is born to be where she is.

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Oct 13,2011

Interview: Jackson Rathbone On New Interactive Web Series ‘Aim High’

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ShockYa: How did you get involved with the project? How did this fall in your lap? Did it fall in your lap?

Jackson Rathbone: Kind of, it was one of those things where Wonderland (Sound and Vision), McG’s company, found out I started my production company and I had just produced a film called “Girlfriend.” I produced this movie and it was kind of like this lovely independent gem where I acted, produced and composed the soundtrack. They brought me in, they showed me the project and they had already done a lot of work in pre-production on it. They gave me the pitch, asked me I wanted to be involved as a producer and an actor and I said yeah. I wanted to go out there and create something new, exciting and something more personal for the internet. I wanted to not just do a web series that looked and felt like a web series but we wanted to do a show that was aesthetically the same quality as a network television show. So we figured it out and put it all together and had an amazing time with it. We shot for eight days.

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Sep 23,2011

Some Taylor Lautner Interviews

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106 & Park

David Letterman





Ryan Seacrest


Aug 22,2011

Actress Imogen Poots Mentions Rob and Kristen

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Imogen Poots is an actress who is filming a remake of the Horror Movie Fright Night. The movie is about vampires so it was obvious she would have to answer some Twilight-Questions.

As the earlier version did, the film celebrates the vampire’s origins as a primeval predator — something sure to please fans discouraged after years of Twilight-inspired dreaminess, in which the blood-suckers are more inspired by James Dean than Bram Stoker.

Poots, though, believes there’s room for both kinds of coffin-dwellers: those who sparkle in the sunshine and those who burst into flame. “I’ve seen (the Twilight movies). I think (Kristen Stewart) and (Robert) Pattinson are awesome. I haven’t read the books, but it’s a franchise that’s really relevant to my generation. You’ve got to embrace it.”

Fright Night, she adds, goes “back to the original form of what it means to people. It’s a malleable form. You can adjust the form of the vampire to suit your type of film.

Twilight has a different vampire than we have.”


Aug 18,2011

5 Questions With ‘Priest’ Star Cam Gigandet

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You might remember him from “Twilight,” where his character James captured our favorite human-in-distress and took a chomp out of her hand — but don’t write Cam Gigandet off as some one-note vampire jerk. In fact, after a few small but memorable roles in non-vampire movies (of which there are still a small handful), Gigandet has switched teams.

In “Priest,” out now on DVD and Blu-ray, Gigandet dons his white hat to join Paul Bettany, Maggie Q and Lily Collins in the fight against the undead. We talked to Gigandet in support of his new release and asked which side of the villain fence he prefers, what he thinks of up-and-comer Lily Collins and which of his projects have the most rabid fans.

Yeah, we already knew the answer to that one, too.

So, which do you prefer: hero or villain?
Screen Gems

What’s more fun? I’d have to say the villain. Maybe it’s just because I’ve had more villainous-type roles. I’ve gotten more comfortable with it. It’s such a challenge to play a good guy — it’s hard to be believable. Being a badass good guy, it’s kind of hard to do. There’s a more stringent set of rules that you need to abide by. It’s kind of limiting. If [my “Priest” character] comes off as badass, it lets me know I’m doing something right.

But I like a challenge, so if people still want to hire to be the hero, I’ll accept.

To be completely honest, it’s shocking to me that I keep getting the villain roles! I do not see myself as the villain and I know, growing up, I was the opposite of a villain. I would never try to be a villain to anyone — but maybe other people I grew up with feel differently about that. [laughs] Maybe there’s just something I don’t know, that everyone else sees. There are might be something about me physically that people are connecting with a villain. I need to check in on that.

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Aug 16,2011

Daemon’s Movies Exclusive Interview with Tinsel Korey

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‘Breaking Dawn’ coming this November and the second part coming out next year, I’m assuming things are already ramping up for you, right?

Tinsel Korey: Yeah. I mean, the press is obviously starting to build up right now, and I actually start a movie in September, and so I’m excited about that as well.

Were you at ‘The Teen Choice Awards’ this weekend?

Tinsel Korey: Yeah, I was there last night.

Was it fun seeing all the fans?

Tinsel Korey: It was pretty cool just getting to see the different celebrities and I’ve never heard people scream so loud as when Justin Bieber came in. It was like on a different level. It was crazy. Like, what’s it like to be that guy?

Sort of like being Robert Pattinson, I would assume.

Tinsel Korey: I guess so.

At Comic-Con people camped our for two days to be at the panel for ‘Twilight’. Has the level of intense fandom had an effect on you and your career?

Tinsel Korey: Obviously it opens doors, in a way, having something big like that, absolutely. I don’t know if the level of work has gone further. I already had a career that was sort of building before ‘Twilight’. So it definitely gave it a little bit of a bump, but I was already going in that direction anyways and so it just sort of kept that steady pace of work for me.

In terms of interacting with people who recognize you, has that changed?

Tinsel Korey: I actually don’t get recognized. Last night, it was so funny, I was walking with Booboo and everyone recognized Boo Boo [Stewart], but because have of my face is covered with a massive scar and for the first two films I had bangs I look very different without that whole entire thing. Also, it’s like I’m dressed down in the movie, like, buttoned up plaid shirts and stuff like that. So, I actually don’t get recognized as much as the other guys because I have half my face covered with a massive scar.

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